2018 CA Testing Regulations

What YOU need to know about Cannabis Testing in California for 2018

Certified third party cannabis lab testing will be required for all cannabis products sold commercially starting January 1st, 2018.


Listed below is a link to the full cannabis testing regulations, per the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.


Note – These are the full regulations, those interested in just testing laboratory regulations skip to page 86

(Chapter 6- Testing Laboratories)



The regulations are extensive and will not be fully discussed here.


However, there are some key points to the regulations that we feel must be highlighted. Most importantly, the testing requirements for every analyte will be phased-in over periods of 2018 (not required all at once).


Below is a list of the requirements that will be phased-in over their respective periods. Each new phase-in will include all requirements from the previous phase-in.


The newest proposed regulations require that ALL cannabis/cannabis products harvested/manufactured on or after their respective phase-in dates will undergo mandatory testing for the following analytes:


(1) Cannabinoids;
(2) Foreign material;
(3) Heavy metals;
(4) Microbial impurities;
(5) Mycotoxins;
(6) Moisture content and water activity;
(7) Residual pesticides;
(8) Residual solvents and processing chemicals;
(9) If tested, terpenoids;
(10) If tested, homogeneity.


Here is a breakdown of how the phase-in is proposed to take place: