Consumer safety is our number one concern , this is why microbial testing is used to ensure that the cannabis products are safe to consumer.  This type of testing is mandated to ensure cleanliness and safety and is seen in all major consumer products from medicine to food.


We currently offer standard tests for microbial detection


  • Coliform


  • E. Coli, Aerobic


  • Yeast and Mold


  • Enterobacteriaceae


If a microbial that you are looking for analysis for doesn’t fall into one of these categories let us know and we can provide you a solution.


Currently no regulations are set in the state of California for cannabis but it should be available soon. Since a standard list or acceptable concentrations for california are not available for the cannabis industry we base our acceptable limits from other states and guidelines that are available. Right now we will use acceptable concentrations that are provided in other industries and we will always provide you with the quantitative results to see. For more information on our testing procedure or how the results would be presented please contact us.


We test terpenes using a method involving 3M Petrifilm. A microbial test requires 2 g of sample.