What is QA Testing?  


Quality Assurance – QA – is the process of verifying whether a product meets required specifications. Many people use QA testing to obtain new knowledge about their current products or to create new systems that will help them maximize their intended goals. Most often, the goal is to prepare a product for State Compliance Testing. QA testing is an incredibly useful asset in a compliance-regulated industry, which is why we offer the same tests needed at the compliance level a la carte. You can pick and choose different tests individually from our menu depending on the focus of your testing.

We specialize in testing hemp and THC/ CBD- driven products, including but not limited to the testing of new varieties of hemp and the development of new and innovative products from the cannabis plant.

QA testing is a vital tool and we strive to help you understand the meaning behind your research and results.




  1. QA testing may be requested by any licensee or medical patient.
  2. QA tests can be ordered at any time without the official guidelines. Official Licenses are not required for QA testing, but we will need at minimum a medical recommendation ID.
  3. Results from QA testing cannot be used to legally sell products to storefronts, but are a good way to know what the status of your products are before submitting them for official tests and can decrease the fail rate for your products.

How to Submit the Physical Sample


We accept drop off samples M-F 8am-7pm at our San Diego location, as well as samples sent via FedEx and UPS. We can also schedule a pick up for locations across California. To schedule a pick up, please contact the lab. When samples are dropped off or picked up make sure you fill out and include a QA Chain of Custody with the shipment or drop off so we know exactly whose samples they are and what tests are being requested.


How much sample is needed


Each product requires a different amount of sample per test. General guidelines are listed as follows:

*For any concentrate in a vape cartridge, double the quoted minimum amount needed as we can only retrieve about half of the material in the hardware


These are general sample minimums. Science is not always perfect, and we may need to request more. If you feel comfortable providing more sample than requested, we will not decline additional material.

How to Access Your Results


We use a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) called Confident Cannabis. All results are listed here for your reference and can be recalled at any time. An email will be sent to you when your results are ready to be viewed.


QA Turnaround Time


Our turnaround for QA testing is 2-3 days, which we meet with a 97% success rate. Expedited options are available for those who need their results by the next business day.