Sample Submission

How much sample is needed?

We will need the allotted amount for each test conducted. For example, if you would  like to test your flower for potency and microbial infection, we will need 2 grams of the flower. If you would like pesticides as well as potency and microbial, then 3 grams total, etc. 

Less sample is needed for multiple tests, contact us for details. For Edibles and Topical samples, contact us for details.


How to submit a sample online?

If you want to submit your own samples online you need to create a free account at confident cannabis, where you select Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs as your testing Lab. After that, login and select "New Lab Order" on the left and then click the "Add Sample" button. This is where you enter all of the sample information as well as which tests you would like.

How to submit the physical sample?

Samples can be dropped off for free, or we can pick samples up in the San Diego area. When samples are dropped off or picked up please bring the chain of custody form along with you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Chain of Custody (Click here for pdf)