How much sample is needed?

We will need the allotted amount for each test conducted. For example, if you would  like to test your flower for potency and microbial infection, we will need 2 grams of the flower. If you would like pesticides as well as potency and microbial, then 3 grams total, etc. For Edibles, Concentrates and Topical samples, contact us for details.


How to submit the physical sample?

Samples can be dropped off for free, or we can pick samples up in the San Diego area. When samples are dropped off or picked up please bring the chain of custody form and a licenses along with you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Note: License must be a medical or recreational card or cultivator/distribution license.

Chain of Custody (Click here for pdf)

How to schedule an Official Compliance Pick up?

To run a regulatory compliance test, we need to send a sample tech to your licensed distribution facility to take a representative sample of the batch.

We only need 3 things from you:

1. Filled out copy of the Prep for Sample Collection Form 

2.PDF copy of your distribution license for the facility we send our tech to

3.PDF copy of the cultivator/manufacturer license for the products we are testing

Once we have the Prep form, we can officially schedule the time for the compliance pickup.

Please call to schedule: 858-623-2740 

Prep for Sample Collection Form (CLICK HERE FOR PDF)

Or submit your samples online. (See below)


How to prepare for your next Compliance pick-up (CLICK HERE FOR PDF)