Measuring Water Activity and Moisture Content


Water Activity measures the quantity of water that is present in a sample and is an indicator for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The higher the value of water activity (Aw)  the more subjective cannabis products are to microbial growth. Solid edible and dried flower products that are packaged and have high water content are more likely to grow mold while packaged. A solid edible product must not exceed 0.85 Aw in order to pass water activity testing; Dried flower samples must not exceed 0.65 Aw.

We use a water activity probe to measure water activity.


All R&D results are unofficial. For information on certified testing please call the lab at (858) 623-2740.

We currently follow activity levels based on the 2018 California Cannabis Regulations. To view these, visit our 2018 CA Testing Regulations page.