If marijuana were alcohol, most Michigan customers are drinking moonshine

By Gus Burns | fburns@mlive.com | April 14, 2021

Alcohol connoisseurs develop vast, specific preferences. Some like IPA beers, others
Merlot wines or Irish whiskey. If current retail marijuana preferences were analogized to alcohol, the most sought after-strains would always be Everclear, chosen solely for THC potency, said David Egerton, a chemist who runs a Michigan lab that tests cannabis products. THC content is one of the main factors in wholesale and retail demand and pricing, however, marijuana safety lab directors, growers and regular customers tell MLive that’s not the best basis for making a purchase.

The cannabis plant is extremely complex, with thousands of compounds that affect a
user’s experience and the high they feel. As the market matures and evolves, there’s a push within the industry to present more data to customers, especially regarding the hundreds, if not thousands of other of cannabinoids and terpenes that impact the experience. “There’s always been a drive to push that THC number as high as possible,’ said Egerton, who manages Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs in Jackson. “Certainly, THC is the psychoactive ingredient present within cannabis, but it’s not the whole story.”

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