Hempire Radio and Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs With Josh Swider

By Gabriella Boudreault | June 29, 2021

Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs with Co-founder and CEO Josh Swider today on Hempire only on Cannabis Radio. While pursuing their PhDs in analytical and organic chemistry, Josh Swider and Dave Marelius became aware of the medicinal benefits cannabis offered patients that went beyond the realm of traditional medications. However, the cannabis community lacked analytical chemists dedicated to proving its potential. Knowing their experience could help set the standards within the industry, Josh and Dave founded Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs in 2016 with one goal in mind- providing the new, emerging cannabis and hemp industries and their consumers with high-quality, accurate testing services they could trust. Since then, the team of two has grown to over 30 talented scientists with bachelor’s degrees or higher, ensuring their passion for science is reflected in their work. As regulations changed, our services have grown to cover all required testing set forth by the state of California, with validations in place for the most reliable analyses.

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