Did recalled Missouri cannabis products pose health risks? Regulators aren’t sure


September 18, 2023

Lab experts say the state’s mandated testing process for marijuana is not designed for the chemicals used to convert hemp CBD to THC.

Marijuana dispensaries and warehouses across Missouri are holding on to more than 62,000 products in special vaults. 

The state suspects that they were infused with a questionable THC concentrate, or distillate, purchased from a Robertsville-based licensed marijuana manufacturer called Delta Extraction. 

Delta Extraction is fighting to get the Aug. 14 recall overturned — and one of the company’s main arguments is that the products were tested by state-licensed labs and don’t pose a health risk that would require a full recall. 

Delta’s general manager Jack Maritz told the Administrative Hearing Commission on Aug. 14 that the distillate has been distributed throughout the entire state of Missouri for more than a year. 

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