As CDC Warns Against all Cannabis Vaping, California’s Legal Market tries to ease Consumer Fears

Most of the vaping illness outbreak appears to stem from black market THC vaping products, and testing points to the additive vitamin E acetate as a possible culprit

Pesticides, mold, bacteria — these are boogeymen that technicians at cannabis testing labs are intimately familiar with and look for daily as part of California’s rigorous requirements to legally bring THC products to market.

In the past month, they’ve increasingly been asked to look for something else: vitamin E acetate.

The synthetic form of vitamin E in black market THC vape cartridges has been linked as a possible contributor to the lung illness outbreak that has swept the nation.

Now, manufacturers in the legal market are doing everything they can to ease consumer worries, including paying higher costs for lab-verified proof that their cannabis-filled cartridges, or “carts” for short, are free of the additive.


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