Dollar General is selling CBD products at select stores — but experts say to be cautious about buying the unregulated products

December 21, 2019

You may soon be able to purchase CBD products at select Dollar General stores, but some experts say that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

The discount store chain announced earlier this month that it will introduce 20 CBD products at 1,100 locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, with plans to expand availability to seven additional states by spring 2020. According to a Dollar General press release, the items will be “limited to topical cosmetic products” such as creams, ointments, and face masks, as opposed to ingestible oils and edible items.

All of the products will cost between $7 and $20, a Dollar General spokesperson told Business Insider. The move will further democratize CBD, which has already proliferated across the US, while helping Dollar General reach new demographics with the buzzy product.

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