Why Choosing the Right Cannabis Testing Lab is So Important


February 13, 2020

Consumer safety and product integrity are tied directly to lab testing in the cannabis industry: here is what to look for in a third party testing lab.

In California and similar legal cannabis states around the country, the legal cannabis industry is struggling to properly protect its consumers from dangerous or improperly labeled products. This issue is largely tied to the lab testing of legal cannabis products that takes place before these products can be legally sold.

A required step in the process of bringing cannabis products to market, third party lab testing is a pinch point in the cannabis industry, creating an enormous demand for testing labs. This demand has invited savvy entrepreneurs with no training in analytical chemistry to take advantage of this opportunity.

That means that not all third party testing labs are the same, and cannabis brands looking to guarantee the integrity of their products must find an honest, experienced, high quality lab in order to get consistent and accurate results.

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