Heavy T’s Grow Show with Josh Swider


June 23, 2020


Heavy T: Was it a lack of scientific data for cannabis? There was a lot of hearsay, a lot of ‘folklore’ around medical cannabis. We knew that if you consumed cannabis, it had certain relief elements. But because it’s been federally illegal, we can’t get the big research behind it at universities and stuff you may see with other industries. With that lack, I’d think it would be something that would be noticeable to you. Josh S: Definitely. So when I was finishing up grad school, that’s when these issues were kinda put in front of my face. I started to see a lot of newspaper articles about analytical labs and the testing industry for cannabis. It was a pay-to-play market- anyone that wanted a high result for their flower, they wanted 38% flower, they’d just pay a lab extra money. It was almost a disrespect to the analytical testing industry and the cannabis industry at the same time, and that’s what I was focused on. I wanted to bring the right answers and try to connect the two sides.”

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